Caption These Cutesy Candids from the Eighth Love & Hip Hop Reunion

At least they look TF amazing while being memed!

Knowing whether the camera is on or off makes all the difference.

Being caught slippin’ is inevitable, especially after filming for several hours. Whether it’s being caught off-guard with your mouth open mid-yawn, or your face being screwed up in reaction to what was said, we can’t control what happens but we can certainly own it. The stars of Love & Hip Hop were not playing when they went to meet Nina Parker on that stage. They had things to say but weren’t always on point while delivering the message. In a world where memes express a mood for damn near any and everything, take a moment to add your own captions to these glamorously candid photos brought to you by the cast.

  • 1 Life when you have a girl.

  • 2 Designated driver: “Girl, you sure it’s not time to go?”Her: “J-just…like, f-five more mins.”

  • 3 When Iyanla is trying to fix your life but you’re perfectly comfortable doing you.

  • 4 “But my daddy said he was coming back from the store three years ago….”

  • 5 After driving all the way to Popeye’s to find out that the $5 box isn’t lit anymore.

  • 6 The “Where’s my hug?” kid in the club.

  • 7 We all had that one teacher who was down to race with us at recess.

  • 8 When you and your girl were arguing moments before arriving at the function.

  • 9 The Only Man At Brunch Chronicles

  • 10 Me meeting Safaree and trying to act like I didn’t just see his leaked video.

  • 11 “But MA, It wasn’t even me!”

  • 12 *Sings Cupid Shuffle* “To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left….”
    Rowena husbands

  • 13 When you’re off at 5 but get an email saying that your meeting was pushed back to 4:30.

  • 14 My face when that one classmate used to remind the teacher that she never assigned any homework.

  • 15 When you rep two different crews but its all love.

In this Love & Hip Hop reunion highlight, Momma Remy spits some more knowledge to the young emcees!

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