Here’s A Look At What The Notorious B.I.G.’s Kids Have Been Up To Throughout The Years

Little C.J. and T'yanna are not so little anymore.

Even though it’s been 21 years since Biggie passed away, his legacy lives on forever through his music and through his kids. He often rapped about wanting to do better for his kids and finding success to support them. Now, his children C.J. Wallace (21) and T’yanna Wallace (24) are both grown and ready to take on the world in their own way. From running a business to acting, the sibling pair makes the most of their lives in celebration of their father. Here’s a quick look at C.J. and T’yanna as they’ve grown up over the years.

  • 1 Biggie and Baby T’yanna Sharing Some Love
    Baby T gives sweet kisses to her dad! ?

  • 2 Baby T’yanna’s Presechool Graduation
    Can you imagine being able to say that Diddy came to your preschool graduation?

  • 3 Lil Cease and Baby T’yanna
    That’s Uncle Cease to you, T.

  • 4 T’yanna and CJ a.k.a. the Cutest Siblings Ever
    T’yanna and C.J. looking adorable… even if C.J. doesn’t wanna smile. ?

  • 5 C.J. at the Notorious New York Premiere
    Getty Images
    C.J. filled some *BIG* shoes by playing the younger version of his father in Notorious.

  • 6 C.J. and T’yanna: Preteen Edition
    Gotta love those mid-2000s glasses!

  • 7 C.J. Modeling With A Green Car
    Like his dad, C.J. has a pretty great eye for fashion.

  • 8 C.J. and Octavia Spencer
    Casually making those Hollywood connections as his career takes off!

  • 9 T’yanna and Gucci Mane
    BURR! Is it cold in here, or is T’yanna just chillin with Gucci Mane? ❄️

  • 10 C.J. and Fam on Celebrity Family Feud
    It wasn’t all a dream… You really did see C.J. and his mom Faith Evans on Celebrity Family Feud!

  • 11 T’yanna and Cardi B
    T’yanna spreads love the Brooklyn way with everyone’s fave BX girl.

  • 12 T’yanna and C.J. with Biggie’s Mother Voletta Wallace
    Gotta love grandma! ❤️

  • 13 T’yanna Working at Notoriouss Clothing in Brooklyn
    T’yanna runs a store in Brooklyn inspired by her late father. I wonder if she has the red and black lumberjack with the hat to match… ?

  • 14 The Siblings Looking Fly at T’yanna’s 24th Birthday
    While the siblings do their own thing, they still find time to celebrate with each other.

  • 15 C.J. at the Premiere for Kicks
    Getty Images
    C.J. starred as Albert in the 2016 film Kicks, continuing his acting career.

  • 16 C.J. at the Screeing of Biggie: The Life Of Notorious B.I.G.
    Getty Images
    C.J. came out to support the life and times of his father in the 2017 A&E documentary.

  • 17 C.J. and T’yanna Rocking the Red Carpet
    Getty Images
    The dynamic duo came to slay at the ASCAP 2017 Rhythm & Soul Music Awards.

  • 18 Cheesin’ With Diddy
    Getty Images
    C.J. and Diddy smile big at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards red carpet.

  • 19 All in the Family
    Getty Images
    C.J. and T’yanna spend time with the fam at a New York Knicks Vs. Brooklyn Nets game.