Celebs With Bad Tan Lines and Sunburns

Because the sun doesn't care who you are.

It’s not all sun and fun, people. Just like you, celebs who seem like they’re always having a great time and look forever flawless get awkward tan lines and sunburns. The sun truly gives zero f—ks who you are. So, instead of feeling self-conscious about how your skin looks, have a laugh at these pics of celebrities who were left out in the sun too long. (And seriously, put on some SPF, because skin cancer is not the accessory you want to be carrying around with you.)

  • 1 Heidi Klum
    This former supermodel had no qualms about showing off her hot buns. While vacationing with her boyfriend and kids back in 2013, Heidi bared her bottom for this cheeky picture.

  • 2 Rihanna
    Getty Images
    The queen of shady tan lines (remember that risque LUI cover?), Rih proudly walked down the red carpet in this tiny black bandeau, despite the blaring bikini lines that snaked above the bra and around her neck. Seeing as the singer didn’t even bother to do her hair for the event, you can’t expect much.

  • 3 Ireland Baldwin
    Ireland played coy as she flaunted her tan in this twitpic. Her skin looks glowing in the sweet photo— but we mean that literally her tan line is so bright it’s glowing.

  • 4 Kim Kardashian
    Before she hit the pinnacle of fame and fashion that she stands at now, self-tanners were clearly Kim K’s guilty pleasure of choice. How else could this blatant goggle tan be explained? (OK, maybe she got caught out skiing the slopes.) If her local tanning salon is responsible for this, it ought to be closed. Immediately.

  • 5 Elle Macpherson
    Splash News
    Speaking of bizarre tan lines, what was this former model thinking? Elle rocked a long-sleeved black one-piece to go surfing—which showed off her smoking bod—but also showed off notable bikini tan lines from a previous beach day. Looks like something is creeping into her crotch.

  • 6 Jennifer Lopez
    Getty Images
    JLo and Marc Anthony looked gorgeous during this red carpet appearance. Sadly, the low-cut on one side of Jennifer’s dress had the “Booty” singer showing off some of her other assets: super pale cleavage. Next time, spread the sunscreen.

  • 7 P!nk
    Splash News
    This pop diva also served up some toasty buns for the list. True to her name, the singer was bright pink and sunburnt after this day at the beach.

  • 8 Sarah Shahi
    Getty Images
    Sarah was giving us a whole lotta cleavage in this black number. It would’ve been a good look, if only she moved her spaghetti straps a couple of inches inward and hid those blatant bikini tan lines. Seriously, can your eyes focus on anything but her boobs, tan lines, and messy hair in this photo?

  • 9 Annalynne McCord
    Splash News
    Annalynne was sporting some serious sunburn during this mani-pedi run in L.A. The deep v-cut of the 90210 actress’ shirt showed off sun damage that suggests she may have been tanning 90,210 minutes too long.

  • 10 Nicky Hilton
    Getty Images
    This picture speaks for itself. Nicky’s poor face is screaming for some aloe to aid that sunburn.

  • 11 Rachel Bilson
    Splash News
    Rachel looked great in this striped bikini, but her bandeau tan lines were so pale, it basically blended in with the cream strips on her swimsuit top.

  • 12 Ray Winstone
    Getty Images
    This English actor showed up to the Rushes Soho Short Film Festival Awards Party with a serious sunglasses tan. He didn’t seem to care in the slightest that his face was two different colors, but the rest of us were wincing.

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