The Most Hilariously Ego-Maniacal Children’s Names In Hip Hop

You won't find these names in a baby book

-By Frank Donovan

With these super regal names, we can’t help but think of what it sounds like when these kids’ hip hop-star parents address them about everyday activities. And what’s is like when they’re lab partners with little Timmy and Sally?? Check out our gallery of imagined excerpts from everyday conversations with these uniquely-named youngsters.

  • 1 Royal Reign
    Lil Kim + Mr Papers

    “Royal Reign, dinner’s ready!”

  • 2 King Cairo

    Tyga + Blac Chyna

    “Honey, King Cairo wet the bed again!”

  • 3 King Justice

    The Game + Tiffney Cambridge

    “Would you like some ice cream cake, King Justice?”

  • 4 Messiah, King, Major
    Getty Images

    T.I. + Tiny

    “Messiah, stop hitting King and Major.”

  • 5 Sire

    50 Cent + Daphne Joy

    “No dessert until you finish dinner, Sire.”

  • 6 Knight

    Nas + Kelis

    “Uh oh, Knight needs a diaper change.”

  • 7 Heaven
    Getty Images

    2 Chainz + Keisha

    “Look at me when I’m talking to you, Heaven!”

  • 8 Royalty

    Chris Brown + Nia Guzman

    “What’d you learn in school today, Royalty?”

  • 9 Prince


    “Put your shoes on, Prince.”

  • 10 King Coy Deel

    DMX + Tashera Simmons

    “King Coy Deel is teething.”