Teyana May Have Wigged Out on Iman During the Series Premiere, But It’s OK ‘Cause She Has Hairstyles For Days

She has slayed TF out of every. single. 'do.

One thing about Teyna Taylor: Her hair and her body are ALWAYS on point, okurrt?

We were all welcomed into the entertainingly hilarious life of Teyana and Iman during their series premiere and we are obsessed. Scene after scene, Teyana has served us with lewks, even if it was just her stocking cap on with a beat face. Now we know this Harlemite doesn’t play and we loved every moment of when she jokingly snatched her own wig off to put Iman in check during the series premiere.

While living a life filled with red carpet events, live shows, and the paparazzi just plain being parched, Teyana is never caught off-guard. Whether rocking her natural tresses, getting her Poetic Justice on with braids, or slaying a bomb lace front wig, Teyana could do no wrong. Browse through some of her most stunning looks!

  • 1
    Looking like a modern day T-Boz.

  • 2
    If Teyana grew up in the ’80s, she’d no doubt be the flyest chick on the block. Word to bamboo earrings.

  • 3
    That long-haired wet & wavy >>>

  • 4
    The blonde definitely compliments her cheekbones!

  • 5
    OK, Marilyn!

  • 6
    The infamous wig that put Iman in check.

  • 7

  • 8
    Teyana KILLED this performance Hip Hop Honors and also RIP’d the competition as a blonde bombshell.

  • 9
    Just, wow!

  • 10
    Funeral service.

  • 11
    The side part and baby hair combo is undefeated.

  • 12
    Come through, Red!

  • 13
    The red looks just as fierce in a pixie cut.

  • 14
    Braided pigtails.

  • 15
    What can’t she do? These copper braids are bomb AF!

  • 16
    Barbie with the bob.

  • 17
    Extra inches never hurt nobody.

  • 18
    Seriously, who is her hair stylist?!

  • 19
    The classy slick-back.

  • 20
    That brown adds an extra highlight to her already flawless skin.

  • 21
    Black & Grey bantus! Where is the “heart eyes” emoji?

  • 22
    The hair, the ’fit, the swag, oh my!

  • 23
    Yasss gworl with those brown loose curls!

  • 24
    Yes, Teyana is naturally EVERYTHING!

A family that slays together, stays together as evidenced in this clip from Teyana and Iman.

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