8 Wild Celebrity Push Presents

These women left the maternity ward with a baby and a little something extra.

After nine months of pregnancy, the abundance of love and the little baby itself are gifts. So is the $1.4 million Ferrari waiting for you at the dealership when you get home. Oh, so you didn’t get a sports car for pushing your body to the limits and expelling a human being? What about a Birkin bag? Diamond earrings? If you got gypped and only got a baby out of your pregnancy, then you’re not alone, but please note that some women, like Kylie Jenner and P!nk are pushing new whips after pushing out a baby. Check out these celebs who got a little somethin’ somethin’ after checking out of the hospital.

  • 1 P!nk
    A motorcycle might not be your speed but for P!nk, it’s exactly what she wanted. She captioned this pic on IG: “I give you babies and you build me motorcycles. Some girls like diamonds, I like heavy metal and carbon-fiber and chrome.”

  • 2 Kim Kardashian
    Before giving birth to Saint, Kim casually dropped a hint to Kanye that she wanted a particular diamond choker. Magically, she appeared in a photo wearing it after Saint was born. The tradition continued when Kimye gifted their surrogate for Chicago with some bling as a lavish thank you.

  • 3 Kate Middleton
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    Kate nonchalantly birthed a legit heir to one of the most famous monarchies in the history of the world. So what do you give the woman who literally has everything? A limited edition Teddy Bear from Harrods.

  • 4 Blac Chyna
    Usually the dad provides the gift, but Chyna didn’t wait around for Rob so she bought herself a $400,000 Rolls Royce before she even gave birth. Leave it to a mom to buy something cute and practical that she could bring baby Dream home in.

  • 5 Kristin Cavallari
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    Diaper bags are cute, but become pretty useless once your kid is old enough to carry their own stuff. Kristin’s husband had the right idea when he got his wife a Birkin bag as a push present. The bag will be functional (and in style) until the end of time, and with a price tag of more than $10 grand, that’s money well spent.

  • 6 Jessica Alba
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    The more children you have, the less time you have for yourself. After welcoming their second child, Cash Warren gifted Jessica Alba with a $54,000 watch. That’s a pretty expensive reminder of all of the free time she doesn’t have.

  • 7 J.Lo
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    We would think two babies at once equals two push gifts at once right? Wrong. At least in the case of J.Lo who only got one gift from Marc Anthony when she gave birth to their twins. But before we go screaming “off with his head”, it’s important to note that J.Lo’s diamond earring and matching ring set was valued at $2.5 million.

  • 8 Kylie Jenner
    Baby Stormi is almost two-months-old and it appears that Kylie is still getting gifts from Travis Scott. She got a $1.4 million Lambo, and recently posted a new pic of some cars (that can accommodate a car seat) and captioned it “mom and dad”. If Travis keeps it up, he might have to gift her a garage soon! [/item

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