Tommie vs. Erica: Who Has the Sexiest Instagram Photos?

Two beauties, but you only get one vote.

Tommie and Erica are two Love & Hip Hop Atlanta beauties we can’t get enough of this season. They both have body and clapbacks for days and are down to get it crackin’ when the drama pops off. But we’re not here to be congenial. Only one leading lady can get your vote for sexiest Instagram.

Erica didn’t succeed in her quest to bag the up-and-coming rapper, but we still appreciate their budding friendship…almost as much as we do their super sexy photos on the ’gram. One scroll down their feed and you’ll see they are no stranger to posting lustful selfies while promoting their different business ventures.

Scroll through the gallery below and then head to our poll below to vote on which reality TV lady earned the thirst trap crown.

  • 1 Tommie
    I think the pig wants more than that snack you’re holding, girl!

  • 2 Erica
    Her beach is better…

  • 3 Tommie
    A whole lotta “BAM!”

  • 4 Erica
    Always “strapped”

  • 5 Tommie

  • 6 Erica
    She always nails the best angles.

  • 7 Tommie
    ⚠️Caution⚠️ Slippery when wet.

  • 8 Erica
    Who cares about the view when you’re looking at a whole snack like this!

  • 9 Tommie
    “Wanna hitch a ride?”

  • 10 Erica
    On her natural flow.

  • 11 Tommie
    Literally flexin’ on ’em!

  • 12 Erica
    Someone’s been keeping up those squats. ?

  • 13 Tommie
    Caption this!

  • 14 Erica
    A different kind of peek-a-boo.

  • 15 Tommie
    Bang bang! You shot me down…with all that ? ? ?

  • 16 Erica
    Glow on, girl!

Erica Mena is blown away when she meets Tommie, but will they end up feeling each other or killing each other?

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