Let These VH1 Stars With Pastel Hair Inspire Your Springtime Style

Maybe use them as inspiration for when you're dying your Easter eggs this year!

Remember when you were a little kid and your mom would go out and buy you an Easter outfit (that you inevitably hated) with ruffles and bows that looked like a unicorn puked all over it? Well, now that you’re older and able to choose your own outfits (I hope,) you probably aren’t wearing ruffles and lilac colored lace. Maybe you’re taking a cue from these VH1 stars who embraced the pastel hair color trend and made their hair look more colorful than an Easter egg. Peep these wigs and weaves and maybe even let them inspire your ~*lewk*~ on this “Hoppy” Easter.

  • 1 Rasheeda
    The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fashionista rocks these purple locks.

  • 2 Rasheeda
    And here she is switching it up with some pink.

  • 3 Bianca Bonnie
    Bianca Bonnie’s iconic blue hair is a ~*lewk*~ fit for your Easter egg hunt.

  • 4 Bianca Bonnie
    Bianca’s yellow hair is the color of the marshmallow Peeps you’re about to eat way too many of.

  • 5 Anais
    Pinky, pinky! Her favorite color!

  • 6 Anais
    This icy, light blue looks stunning on her.

  • 7 Lyrica
    Lyrica went for it with full on teal hair.

  • 8 Donna and Sky
    Donna and Sky decided to try out the pastel trend at the same time.

  • 9 Donna
    Although Donna is no stranger to changing up her hair.

  • 10 Donna
    From pink…

  • 11 Donna
    To blue…

  • 12 Donna
    To straight up unicorn hair. And she rocks every single look.

  • 13 Sky
    We’re loving this cropped pink wig on sky.

  • 14 Sky
    And this understated purple.

  • 15 Teyana Taylor
    Teyana Taylor is vibrant and bold with a green wig.

  • 16 Alexis Skyy
    Alexis Skyy used a pink wig to announce the sex of her baby girl.

  • 17 Jessica Dime
    Jessica Dime makes it look easy to pull off this bubble gum pink color.

  • 18 Dreamdoll
    This is may be my favorite wig that has ever graced Dreamdoll’s head.

  • 19 Karlie Redd
    Pink is apparently the most popular pastel. Here’s Karlie Redd, looking festive in a long, pink wig.

  • 20 Karlie Redd
    Karlie Redd shook things up with a vibrant blue wig.

  • 21 Masika
    Masika’s cropped blue hair might have you riding the wave of this hair trend all the way to the salon.

  • 22 Mariahlynn
    Mariahlynn is the Princess of Pastel.

  • 23 Mariahlynn
    She has done everything from pink…

  • 24 Mariahlynn
    …to this gorgeous lilac.

  • 25 Mariahlynn
    This understated teal is the perfect color for anyone looking to try out the trend themselves.

  • 26 Mariahlynn
    She’ll even rock the whole dang rainbow on her head. #HairGoals

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