These Photos of Walt’s Kids Will Melt Your Heart

Walt's kids look so much like him, it's not even funny.

Black Ink Crew’s Walt has been going through it lately when it comes to his children. As we found out on the most recent episode of Black Ink, Walt has been struggling with his finances lately, which lead to him renting out a room in the projects and sending his kids to live with their mother in Illinois. It’s clear to us that Walt loves his kids a lot. He’s making amends, going to A.A., and getting his life in order, and it’s all for them. Flip through the gallery below to see photos of the kids that Walt is fighting to get back on track for.

Ceaser and Ted confront Walt about his recent erratic behavior and find out things are much more dire than they thought.

  • 1 Tyzyr, Bryce, and Adizha
    When you put all four of them in a photo together, it’s clear that they all take after Walt. Especially his oldest son, Tyzyr!

  • 2 Tyzyr, Bryce, and Adizha
    Bryce is clearly not only adorable, but hilarious. Look at that pose!

  • 3 Tyzyr
    Walt posted a whole bunch of throwback photos of him and his eldest son, Tyzyr for his 14th birthday.

  • 4 Tyzyr
    Look at him teaching Tyzyr how to walk!

  • 5 Tyzyr
    And mean muggin’ at the camera!

  • 6 Tyzyr
    Walt says that Tyzyr is, “One of the smartest and funniest people I know…”

  • 7 Tyzyr
    He continued saying, “My Little Sneaker Head Never impressed by anything Stay Low and Observant…”

  • 8 Tyzyr
    They really could be twins!

  • 9 Tyzyr

  • 10 Tyzyr
    It’s starting to freak us out how much they look alike!

  • 11 Tyzyr
    He wrote, “I’ve never claimed to be the best or perfect Dad But NOBODY can tell me I don’t love the sh-t out of my Kids.”

  • 12 Bryce
    Walt’s youngest son, Bryce is a cutie who loves Star Wars and isn’t afraid to show it.

  • 13 Adizha
    Walt posted this throwback of Adizha on her 13th birthday explaining that he flew all the way out to Illinois to be with his baby girl. Isn’t that sweet?