ANTM Alum Nyle DiMarco Pulled THE Ultimate Stunt on His Subway Admirer

Bet his admirer didn't see this coming!

Sure–America’s Next Top Model cycle 22 winner Nyle DiMarco is easy on the eyes, but that pales in comparison to his charm, and wicked sense of humor.
While riding the New York City subway, the model’s striking good looks were noticed by a Brazilian jiu jitsu trainer named Loiba. She was so struck by the fashion model, she admittedly stared him down for the whole ride. But at some point, staring wasn’t enough. Loiba whipped out her smartphone without an ounce of discretion (although she honestly tried her best to be on the DL) and snapped a photo of him as she “tried to figure out who he was.”

Over the weekend, Loiba’s question had been answered. She saw a Facebook post on Nyle and immediately put two and two together. Hot subway guy = ANTM winner Nyle DiMarco.

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