As The Black Ink Crew Matured Over The Seasons, Their Kids Have Too!

So precious!

It’s been six years since we’ve been introduced to the artists and employees who make up the Black Ink Crew and boy does time fly. Puma’s baby Tamia is not-so-little anymore, blossoming into a beautiful mini-version of Quanie. Ceaser’s daughter Cheyenne certainly keeps him on his toes; from time-to-time she even acts as his makeup artist. O’S**t’s blended family in continuously growing now that he recently welcomed his beautiful widdle princess Nova Rae-Rose. Sky is even blessed to have a relationship with her son Des. Flip through to see the kids of the Black Ink Crew.

  • 1 Ceaser’s Daughter Cheyenne
    Now 14 years old, Ceaser has a teenager on his hands. Since he repaired his relationship with Cheyenne’s mom Crystal, Ceaser and Cheyenne have been spending a lot more time with one another. The two even square up to box every so often!

  • 2 Sky’s Son Des
    Since meeting her sons’ adoptive parents, Sky has had an amazing relationship with her younger son Des. They make silly snaps together, fly out together, and Sky recently had the honor of seeing her baby off to prom. Sky couldn’t be happier.

  • 3 Puma and Quani’s Daughter Tamia
    Tamia is gorgeous! Puma and Quani are raising this young queen with great entrepreneurial values. Something tells us she will be a force to be reckoned with when she’s older!

  • 4 Sky’s son Genesis
    Unfortunately the reunion wasn’t as pleasant when Sky met her oldest son Genesis. The hurt runs so deep from being out of touch with his mother for so long, Genesis is unwilling to have a relationship with Sky at the moment.

  • 5 Walt’s kids Tyzyr, Bryce, and Adizha
    Walt’s main focus has always been to do the best for his kids. Although he had a difficult time during season six of Black Ink Crew, the photographer pulled himself up by his bootstraps, proving to be a bomb ass dad after all.

  • 6 Melody’s son Kai
    Back in January of 2017, Melody and Lalo were blessed to welcome baby Kai. He is absolutely precious! Look at his beautiful hair!

  • 7 O’S**t’s Son Achilles
    Achilles is Richard’s oldest son with Kathie.

  • 8 O’S**t’s Daughter LuLu
    Lulu is Richard’s daughter with fellow tattoo artist, Coley.

  • 9 O’S**t’s Daughter Khodi
    Khodi is Richard’s child with Anya and clearly his twin.

  • 10 O’S**t’s Daughter Nova Rae-Rose
    Nova-Rae is Richard’s latest addition to his new family with wife Nikki Duncan.

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