These Insanely Adorable Photos of Keely and Bleu’s Son, Xavier, Will Steal Your Heart

Do you feel the baby fever coming on?

Keely and Bleu may not be able to agree on much, but they do agree on how adorable their precious son is. Xavier, who turns 4 in December, was able to bring his parents together on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to improve their co-parenting relationship. Things have been kind of rocky to this point. Take a look at the gallery of this mini model, who is so cute that it’s almost unbearable, you’ll understand why he makes co-parenting really worth it.

  • 1 He’s been fresh since day 1!

  • 2 Look at those cheeks.

  • 3 That’s the face of a little angel who’s never naughty and only nice.

  • 4 Microfashion star in the making.

  • 5 What is Xavier’s hair care routine?

  • 6 His smile is as bright as his t-shirt.

  • 7 Can we get this kid a modeling contract?

  • 8 Just a toddler, living his life like it’s golden.

  • 9 Even candids of his head are cute!

  • 10 Curls or braids, either way he’s melting our hearts.

  • 11 Twinning with Daddy!

  • 12 Curly Hair Gang.

Relive the precious moment when Bleu was able to see and play with Xavier during this emotional reunion.
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