Have You Ever Noticed That VH1 Stars Always Wear Blazers To Their Sit Downs…Because They Mean Business

Hold my blazer, son!

You probably already know that you need a good blazer in your closet for things like interviews, weddings, conferences or funerals. But according to these VH1 stars, you apparently need a blazer for one more occasion: to fight.

It might sound silly, but VH1 stars really love to attend sit down meetings that errupt into brawls all while wearing a super-sharp, let’s-get-this-money styled blazer. Maybe it’s because, like their blazers, these stars mean business. Or possibly it throws off the person who’s about to catch those hands (blazers don’t exactly scream “let’s get ready to rumble”). It’s a shocking choice because blazers don’t allow for full flexibility, which is why no character in Mortal Kombat is rocking a three piece suit. Despite the absurdity, look at these stars prove the point that fighting in a blazer has replaced pulling out Vaseline as the new universal sign of “let’s fight!”

Moral of the story, if you’re beefing with somebody and they show up to a meeting wearing a blazer, get ready to rock.

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