Kat Hasn’t Returned to Black Ink Crew: Chicago, But Here’s What She’s Been Up To

Ryan who?

If you saw the return of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, you’ll notice that one particular artist hasn’t returned: Kat. After her emotional confrontation with Ryan about their lake house hookup last season, Kat made the decision to never step foot in 9Mag again. She took her talents, and her broken heart, over to the West Coast for a fresh start. It’s been a difficult journey, but one that clearly paid off.

The fresh start has given Kat a new lease on life, and her own business! She’s kicking ass, taking names and making money moves along the way. Warning: No blessings were blocked in the making of this new and improved woman!

Get into Kat’s incredible glow up and see what the former cast member has been up to in the gallery below.

  • 1 She’s 100% Bossed Up!
    Imagine getting the boot from 9Mag and then BOOM! You’re now the owner of your own shop! That’s right, Kat is setting up shop on the West Coast and will soon open her own Beverly Hills spot called Enigma Tattoos.

  • 2 What’s Better Than Being Your Own Boss?
    That Enigma Tattoos LLC is now official!

  • 3 Kat Loves to Give Back.
    As a domestic violence survivor, Kat has taken the initiative to give back to women who have survived the same struggles. Here she is presenting a $4,000 check to the Jenesse Center, the oldest domestic violence intervention program in South Los Angeles.

  • 4 Keeping That Body in A1 Shape!
    You don’t think she keeps this fit frame by just lounging around, do you? Kat is consistently in the gym these days, and by the looks of it, that hard work is paying off.

  • 5 Flex on ’Em!
    Push it! Push it! Push it!

  • 6 Body Ody!

  • 7 Flaunting All Those Curves With No Breaks!
    Yes queen!

  • 8 Finding All Her Best Angles.
    Ryan who?

  • 9 Networking With Fellow VH1 Stars.
    In between handling business, photo shoots and giving back, Kat makes time to support other dope women from the VH1 family. Here she is showing love at Draya Michele’s Mint Swim pop up shop in LA.

  • 10 Best Buds With Amber Rose.
    Kat and Amber were getting their networking on at the OPENED Women’s Conference. Kat also attended Amber’s annual Slut Walk.

  • 11 Devoting Her Talents to Worthwhile Causes.
    Kat teamed up with former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Apryl Jones to be the body paint artist at her “Love Your Scars” party. The goal of the event was to help women accept and love the parts of their body that make them feel insecure.

  • 12 Slaying These Tattoos, Per Usual!
    Let us not forget that Kati is still A BEAST with the ink. Get into this awesome portrait she did for a client in tribute to her brother.

  • 13 Another Satisfied Customer!
    This cover up came out clean AF.

  • 14 Collaborating With Other Black Ink Artists.
    New Black Ink Crew star Kevin Laroy came all the way out to the West Coast to hook up Amber Rose’s assistant with this tattoo from Kat’s shop.

Peep this throwback: Kat’s emotions got the best of her when she and Ryan finally got the chance to talk about their situation and her future at 9Mag.

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