If You Havent’s Received Blessings Yet in 2018, Let These Pics of Papoose and His Fresh Shape-Up Grant You Some

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There are a few things in this world you hear of but will probably never get to witness in a lifetime: someone getting hit by lightening, someone hitting the lottery twice, and seeing Shamele Mackie without a hat.

Welp, the improbable is happening since Papoose has been posting several photos showing off his crisp haircut. Seeing this is like watching Bow Wow being surrounded by screaming fans in present day, truly remarkable. We don’t know why he’s been hiding under hats all this time, probably the swag of it all, but he sure does look dapper without it. If you’ve been feeling down or 2018 hasn’t quite been your year, get some good luck from scrolling through these pictures of Remy’s husband free of the fitted. Promise, good things will follow.

Papoose and Remy are undefeated as far as couples go. Just look at their love in this throwback web exclusive.

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