Bambi is Giving Us Full Pregnancy Style Inspo With Her Stunning Baby Bump Looks

She STAY slaying. 💅

Scrappy and Bambi blew us away with their pregnancy announcement, taking social media by storm with the baby buzz. Now that the secret’s out (partially thanks to Momma Dee ?), the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta momma-to-be takes on bold baby bump style. From crop tops to bikinis, the Bam slays all day with her best accessory to date — her baby bump. ?

  • 1 Shining in Chanel
    Bambi shows off her bump in this black and white ensemble, featuring a classic leather Chanel bag.

  • 2 Swimwear Stunna
    This baby won’t keep the Bam from her fave summer look. In a black bikini and a gorgeous cover-up, Bambi is ready to take on any and all pool parties this summer.

  • 3 Pouting in Pink
    Sometimes when you’re pregnant, you just gotta pout in your best pink ’fit.

  • 4 Two is Better Than One
    Bambi slays in this two-piece silver look, literally shining on everyone.

  • 5 Practice Makes Perfect
    In her killer two piece ensemble, Bambi takes a moment to connect with the kids and practice for #BabyBam.

  • 6 Grow, Baby, Grow!
    Bambi shows the world her little bump in a flowy floral look, complete with a side of frozen yogurt. Momma’s (and baby’s) gotta eat!

  • 7 Glitz and Glamour
    Pregnancy isn’t all maternity pants and big tshirts. For the Bam, it’s about showing off all her curves, bump and all!

  • 8 Blazer Babe
    Take a maxi dress, throw on a blazer, and BOOM! You’ve got a workin’ momma and public-speaking professional.

  • 9 Simple and Sweet
    The gang’s all here as Scrappy shows his wife and baby a little love!

  • 10 Gucci Gang
    This pregnancy look is brought to you by killer cheek bones, bustiers and Gucci belts. ✨

  • 11 Flower Power
    The selfie is STRONG with this one.

  • 12 Maxi Mom
    Some might say Bambi looks PUREly magnificent in the maxi dress look! (And by “some” we mean all.)

  • 13 Mirror Moves
    We’re all heart eyes for this mirror pic magic!

  • 14 Golden Girl
    This yellow ensemble is straight FIRE!

  • 15 Can You Say CamoFLAWLESS?
    Okay, so maybe that pun wasn’t great, but Bambi sure is!

  • 16 Red HOT
    Bambi looked SMOKIN’ at Malyasia Pargo’s party.