The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Casts’ Off-Guard Moments Were Too Memeable To Pass Up

The Atlanta crew has some characters, boi.

Never ever get caught slipping because people could use that image to meme you. Hi, I’m people.

Season seven of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is officially a wrap! We watched perfectly good food be thrown, purses and pens used as weapons, the miracle of life, and reconciliations. Yea, a lot happened. In coming together to hash out any outstanding beefs or smooth over misconstrued situations, the cast was glamorously on-point while getting to the nitty gritty. That wasn’t always the case though, and when our photographers blessed us with some hilarious candids we figured, why not have some fun? Flip through to see some funny off-guard shots and laugh a little because red bottoms get destroyed by Erica Mena a lot.

  • 1
    Rowena Husbands
    *Runs into ex-girlfriend* Him: You been eating your grits, girl? Looking like a snid-ackkk.

  • 2
    Me when the DJ says “big up the goodas gyal dem!”

  • 3
    Rowena Husbands
    When you’re in the club and shorty next to you takes off her shoes.

  • 4
    Rowena Husbands
    Me to my homies when my old work comes in the spot: “Quick, pretend like something’s funny.”

  • 5
    Rowena Husbands
    When you nice in ball but you get chosen last for the pick up game.

  • 6
    Rowena Husbands
    “Son, you deadass?”

  • 7
    Rowena Husbands
    “What if I told YOU I can turn $500 into $5,000? Well, all I need is your social, mother’s maiden name….”

  • 8
    Rowena Husbands
    When your man’s in a deep sleep so now you can use his lifeless thumb to unlock his iPhone.

  • 9
    Rowena Husbands
    Back in the day when your momma woke you up to drag you to church but you couldn’t stay awake past praise and worship.

  • 10
    Rowena Husbands
    The face your homegirls make when your trifilin’ ass, cheating ass boyfriend walks in.

  • 11
    Rowena Husbands
    *Argues with woman and as she walks away* “AND YO MOMMA BALD HEADED!”

  • 12
    Rowena Husbands
    *Gets woken up in the middle of the night.*

  • 13
    Rowena Husbands
    When you gotta open the door but you just got your nails done.

  • 14
    “Father God, thank you for the food we are about to receive…”

  • 15
    “Who broke? I got my own car, my own crib, a whole job….”

  • 16
    Rowenda Husbands
    The face you make when you know you didn’t scan all of your items at the Target self-checkout but you damn sure left with ’em.

  • 17
    Rowena HUsbands
    “Let me get uh……junior bacon cheeseburger. Um….some fries..”

  • 18
    Rowena Husbands
    “Damn. Did I take the chicken out of the freezer?”

  • 19
    Rowena Husbands
    Her: You got a girl don’t you. Him: Um. Define “girl.”

  • 20
    Rowena Husbands
    When they turn on the massage chair while you’re getting a pedicure.

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