Jessica Dime’s Adorable Baby Blessing Briel is Stealing Hearts One Picture At a Time

Her cute little self!

Jessica Dime and husband Shawne Williams have been quite particular about posting their princess’ baby photos on social media but from the little they have shared so far, we can already tell that Blessing Briel is their teeny cutesy bestie.

Not even a year old yet and baby Blessing Briel already has the photo-shoot game on lock. With those squeezable cheeks, beautiful curly hair, and perfectly sculpted eyebrows, Blessing Briel Williams is stealing hearts one upload at a time. It’s too soon to tell whether their widdle precious favors Shawne or Jessica Dime more but what we do know is that she is adorable AF. Flip through and prepare for a cuteness overload.

In this classic Love & Hip Hop Atlanta clip, Jessica Dime and Shawne Williams rush over to the hospital to meet their baby girl for the first time.

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