Take Some Time to Meme The Ish Out of These Hilarious Candids From the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion

This cast is full of characters!

The late and great author Madeleine L’Engle once said that “A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.” Well, if you’re going through something or even if you’re not, prepare to swipe and giggle your way through the day by getting into these candids.

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season five reunion went down in the A and while the cast all looked good in their Sunday’s best, they slipped up a few times. Naturally, we had to make memes out of the expressions we caught them making mid-sentence, times where when they thought no one was looking around, or when they actually peeped the camera and just looked funny AF. Flip through to see their unposed shots and laugh a little because people hurt a lot.

  • 1
    Name this boy band.

  • 2
    Sneaking in at 4am and your momma standing at the door like “Girl, where you coming from?!”

  • 3

  • 4
    Hurry, take this fake candid real quick. I’m not looking but you got it?

  • 5
    When you’re watching his dumb self sleep ’cause you know he’s even lying in his dreams.

  • 6
    *Yells at boyfriend* πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½”I found this receipt….”

  • 7
    *Record scratch. Freeze Frame* “Yup, that’s me, A1. You’re probably wondering how I got here, but we gotta start at the beginning.”

  • 8
    When your chillin’ at your boy’s crib and his girl busts through the door wildn’.

  • 9
    “So…you saying my apple juice just grew legs and dipped out the fridge?”

  • 10
    The moment “Swag Surf” plays in the club but you don’t feel like getting up.

  • 11
    *teacher hands out test grades* “And congrats to La’Britney for getting the highest score….again.”

  • 12
    Seconds before blacking on a MF who got you messed up.

  • 13
    Mom: Oh no, that’s OK. He’s fine. I’m cooking tonight. Boy: But momma you said you don’t got no food to cook. Mom under breath: Boy, if you don’t shut up.

  • 14
    When you think you’re being low on your walk of shame but you hear someone yell “Ayo, Keisha! That you?!”

  • 15
    “Then he gon’ tell me that I’m ’too loud’ to invite me over for Thanksgiving dinner at his auntie’s crib. Can you believe that? Me?! ’Loud!?'”

  • 16
    Me holding onto my wallet when they start doing “Showtime” on the train.

  • 17
    “Sorry, I don’t know any Sallie Maes.”

  • 18
    But y’all had the 4 for $4 yesterday right?

  • 19
    “Look but don’t look. Is that my ex over there?”

  • 20
    “Bruh, that’s definitely your ex trying not to look over here for sure.”

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