We’ve Seen Joe Budden’s Style Evolve From Vest Lover to Classic Man and We’re Not Mad At It

There's not a vest this man won't wear.

Joe Budden is known for a lot of things these days: Having very strong opinions, his podcast, being the dad to adorable baby Lexington and once having a very strong affinity for vests. Budden’s love for sleeveless jackets was strong enough that it warranted its own investigation. But we couldn’t help but notice that, now that he’s made his comeback on Love & Hip Hop New York, there hasn’t been a vest in sight! Let’s take a look at this fashion choices throughout the year. Don’t worry, I included plenty of vests in case you were feeling nostalgic.

  • 1
    Where did Joe go? With that camouflage vest on, I almost missed him.

  • 2
    Mr. Budden is very patriotic, evidently.

  • 3
    Maybe he just wanted to be in a motorcycle gang.

  • 4
    Like, really badly.

  • 5
    Every now and then he’d liven things up with some patches on his vests!

  • 6
    Talk about a stud!

  • 7
    Tahiry noted at the season 4 reunion that Joe was “a better person in his salmon sweater” and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. This is the moment his style changed.

  • 8
    Look! He even added sleeves to his jackets!

  • 9
    Even if they were denim, they weren’t vests.

  • 10
    The monochrome look definitely works.

  • 11
    He’s going for a Lenny Kravitz gigantic scarf vibe here.

  • 12
    Looking dapper in a velvet tux.

  • 13
    Just when I thought his vest days were over…

  • 14
    His podcast cohost told Joe this season he “dressed like he sold coke in ’87 on Lenox.”

  • 15
    This season, Joe traded in his Americana vest for a much more understated bomber jacket in his confessionals.

  • 16
    Lookin’ very grown up in his turtle neck. Cyn called him a senior citizen but…I don’t hate the old man lewk.

Take a look into the various styles of Joe Budden’s signature clothing item, the vest.