The Most Tragic Celebrity Lace-front Wigs

With looks this bad, they might as well go bald.

Lace-front wigs have been all the rave in black hair care for the past 10 years. These wigs offer a protective style (i.e. all of your real hair is hidden underneath), while giving the illusion of natural hair. Even so, it’s difficult to find a good wig that matches your scalp pattern and looks realistic, as opposed to completely synthetic. And sadly, there are quite a few celebs who know exactly what we mean. To prove it, here are some of the most tragic lace-front wigs that celebrities have been caught wearing.

  • 1 Rihanna
    Makeup- and fashion-wise, Rih was slaying this look…but what’s up with her hair? It doesn’t take a hair expert to spot the glue caking around her edges and ear where someone installed this wig very poorly.

  • 2 Tamar Braxton
    Getty Images
    We don’t know if this is a case of contouring gone wrong, or if Tamar really installed such an obviously unfit wig. Either way, for someone who is always sporting a wig and has been in the spotlight for decades, she should not be making such a rookie mistake.

  • 3 Tyra Banks
    Splash News
    Tyra was doing a whole lot of smize-ing to distract from her tacky wig at this CW event. On the bright side, the America’s Next Top Model host’s hair looked so stiff, we’re sure the style was stuck in place the whole night.

  • 4 Nicki Minaj
    Getty Images
    Nicki is known for her crazy ’dos and wild hair colors, but this look was a tragic combination of both. The black adhesive glue that the rapper used to attach this multi-colored wig was seeping straight through its laced front.

  • 5 Brandy Norwood
    Splash News
    Brandy actually looked pretty cute during this outing in Beverly Hills, but her wavy up-do exposed a very obvious lace-front. Brandy has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, there’s no way she can’t afford a more realistic wig. Get it together, girl!

  • 6 Kelly Rowland
    Getty Images
    Kelly usually doesn’t step outside—let alone on a red carpet—with her hair out of sorts. This was definitely an oddity for the former Destiny’s Child star, but one that could not go unnoticed. Her lace-front was so obvious, you could spot her false hair line from a mile away.

  • 7 Lil Kim
    Getty Images
    After a stint in jail and tons of plastic surgery, it’s understandable that Lil Kim hasn’t been herself for the past couple of years. Still, there is no excuse for hip hop’s original Queen B to be rocking this tragic hairstyle. It’s like she’s still in a prison of her making.

  • 8 Naomi Campbell
    Splash News
    Poor Naomi has notoriously been exposed for having zero edges, but knowing this, why does the former supermodel insist on putting in weaves like this? She’s balding in the front, but there’s a party in the back, and everybody who attended is laughing at her.

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