Before Their Latest Drama Unfolds at the Reunion, Watch Kimbella Ask Yandy to Be Her Bridesmaid in This Love & Hip Hop New York Bonus Clip

It's Kimbella's turn to pop the question!

Things may be on the rocks with Yandy and Kimbella at the moment, but let’s relive a happier time in their friendship. In this bonus clip from this week’s Love & Hip Hop New York, the pair were in such a good place that Kimbella popped a very important question.

Yandy makes her sweat a little bit before answering that, yes, of course she will be in Kimbella’s wedding.

The wedding’s only a week away, which sends Yandy into bridesmaid overdrive. What about party favors?! Planning?! Her duties to the bride?! Kimbella’s like:

That’s all Yandy really needs to hear. Getting pampered and wearing a pretty dress?

Watch the clip below to remind yourself of the simpler times when these two seemed to be on the same page.

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