The Shadiest Memes From Love & Hip Hop Episode 413

Mimi done opened a can of worms this time.
  • 1 You Can Blame Part of it On Mimi
    Ms. Faust started a competition to make the best meme for this photo. As you can imagine, it got a little out of control.

  • 2 References Were Made to Her Baby Daddy, Stevie J.

  • 3 Oh My…

  • 4 Karlie Wants More Kids But Like…

  • 5 Tammy May Have Shaded Kalenna Real Good, But Fans Responded with Their Take

  • 6 But Like How Close Are They Really?

  • 7 Then Margeaux Had a Photoshoot, and Nothing Made Sense

  • 8 Like, You Can’t Just Go to 100 That Quick M’s

  • 9 But Hunny, This Was The Real Issue

  • 10 You Don’t Just Call an Uber, Gosh Karen!

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