These Musician Throwback Photos Are 2000 AF

Denim was a way of life.

Ah, yes. The early 2000s.

It was a time when we didn’t wear crop-tops— we wore midriffs. And we didn’t eat with chopsticks— we put them in our hair. It was an era when crystal studs made a futile attempt to cling to velour tracksuits, and we carried our lip gloss in miniature, off-brand Louis Vuitton bags.

So, maybe fashion wasn’t our strongest suit in the early aughts. We were young and naïve. Luckily, though, no one cares about what us plebeians wore in 2002.

But who can forget Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s all-denim red carpet ensemble? Or Mark McGrath’s frosted tips? They will live on forever, tbh.

Check out these 23 photos of beloved musicians who were getting their lives in the early 2000s.

  • 1 Britney Spears + Justin Timberlake
    Getty Images

    Maybe this is why they broke up.

  • 2 Hilary Duff
    Getty Images

    Chopsticks were an accessory, not a utensil.

  • 3 Jennifer Lopez
    Getty Images

    Don’t be fooled by the tracksuits that she’s got, she’s still “Jenny from the block.”

  • 4 Faith Hill
    Getty Images

    The term “shoulder shrug” should never be used again.

  • 5 Nelly

    Smile for me daddy, let me see ya grill.

  • 6 Christina Milian
    Getty Images

    Apparently we’ve been wearing scarves wrong this whole time.

  • 7 Lindsay Lohan
    Getty Images

    They say drugs can make a person do crazy things, but this outfit was hand-picked sober.

  • 8 Missy Elliott
    Getty Images

    Only Missy Elliott could rock this look.

  • 9 Jessica Simpson
    Getty Images

    Because it’s impossible to be sad while wearing a poncho.

  • 10 Ashlee Simpson
    Getty Images

    Two words: gaucho pants.

  • 11 Destiny’s Child
    Getty Images

    Drawing on your jeans was considered an art form.

  • 12 *NSYNC
    Getty Images

    YAAAS, velvet.

  • 13 Christina Aguilera
    Getty Images

    Your mother was always telling you to pull your shirt down.

  • 14 Lil’ Kim
    Getty Images

    Wearing a dress + jeans because it was just too hard to choose between the two.

  • 15 Mandy Moore
    Getty Images

    A peasant top to keep you humble.

  • 16 Raven Symoné
    Getty Images

    So Raven and so 2000s.

  • 17 Mark McGrath
    Getty Images

    Spiked hair just looked better with frosted tips.

  • 18 Avril Lavigne
    Getty Images

    You were obligated to wear your boyfriend’s tie in the name of fashion.

  • 19 Sisqo
    Getty Images

    The man who brought us the “Thong Song.”

  • 20 Monica
    Getty Images

    No one was too old to wear their hair in pigtails.

  • 21 Gwen Stefani
    Getty Images

    Say no to cargoes.

  • 22 Eve
    Getty Images

    When you tried to look super feminine and cute (but still wanted to be the boho girl next door).

  • 23 Mariah Carey
    Getty Images

    This dress looks like it was made from silk panties.