Here Are Some Trendworthy Hip Hop Artist #Hives That Twitter Should Create Next

#Hive has gone nuclear!

Twitter has been the home of many random trends, and recently #hives have gone viral. At first, the hashtag was used by Beyonce – and later on Future – to unite their fans on social media, but Twitter took it a step further and made the hashtag an all day event focused on a particular artist. Not only are the memes and gifs generated laugh out loud funny, but they also serve as tribute and throwback to the careers of once beloved artists.

Were it not for the #BowWowHive, I would have never remembered the cultural impact Bow Wow made by crossing over Allen Iverson in Like Mike. Thank you, Twitter. It made me think, who else? First it was Chingy, then Bow Wow, now which artist is next up to receive the glorious “hive” treatment? Well, I have a few contenders.

  • 1 #B2KHive
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    B2K was undoubtedly one of the biggest R&B boy bands of all time. Their single “Bump Bump Bump” was one of the biggest songs of 2003, and their music video for “Girlfriend,” which featured Will Smith, Vivica A. Fox, Ronald Isley was next level. And who could forget You Got Served? Their group poses, crazy hairstyles, and matching outfits were a bit questionable— but it worked. B2K is no longer together, but their work has left an impact and room for hilarious memes.

  • 2 #SouljaBoyHive
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    I wanted nothing to do with you if “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” wasn’t your ring tone in 2007. Hated him or loved him, Soulja was a trendsetter. He invented the the biggest dance fad of the 21st century (so far) and gave life to the term “Swag,” which led to more commonly used phrases like “lit.” He deserves a #hive.

  • 3 #RomeoHive
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    Romeo and Bow Wow were like the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync of the rap world. Romeo was the prodigy of rap legend Master P and came into the spotlight around the time that Bow Wow was at the height of his fame. Both were quickly pit against each other for their distinct similarities: both young, both rappers, and fan girls adored them. Even though the “beef” was created by the media and hardcore fans, and it stays with them to this day. When you think of Bow Wow, you think of Romeo, and vice versa.

  • 4 #SisqoHive
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    Sisqo was made for gifs and memes. From his ever-changing hair color, flamboyant outfits, and “The Thong Song” video, there’s enough content for everyone to share on Twitter. The man “Jesus Walked” over dancing women in the “Thong Song” video. Enough said.

  • 5 #PrettyRickyHive
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    Pretty Ricky was the NC-17-rated version of B2K for their explicit lyrics, stripper-esque stage names (Pleasure P, Spectacular, Slick’em, & Baby Blue), and sexual references within their music and videos. Their smash hit “Grind With Me” was one of most downloaded songs on Frostwire in 2004, and the music video would constantly play on MTV Jams as soon as your parents walked in the room. Their short-lived pornographic music will live on through Twitter.

  • 6 #JaRuleHive
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    Ja Rule’s rise to superstardom in the early 2000’s was quickly shut down by his beef with 50 Cent. But before the ethering of his career, Ja gave us countless hits including “Aint It Funny,” “Always on Time,” and “Mesmorize,” which still see plenty of radio time today. His famous “MONICA!” scene from The Fast & Furious is still the butt of many jokes. More importantly he’s one of most well known rappers in this millennium, whether you like his cookie monster rap flow or not. Celebrate this man.

  • 7 #DMXHive
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    DMX is hands down one of the most controversial figures in hip hop. The in-and-out-of-prison rapper has cemented his name into hip hop with his hilarious dog barking ad-libs, aggressive personality, countless hits including “Ruff Ryders Anthem,” and who can forget his Drake impersonation? Show him some love.