Check Out These Pictures of When Erica and Scrappy Were In Love…Or Even Civil

Take a Look-ni-ey of these piz-ni-eys from back in the dizz-ni-ey.

  • 1 Once Upon a Time…

  • 2 In a Galaxy Far Away…

  • 3 Long Before Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Four

  • 4 Erica and Scrappy Were In a Good Place

  • 5 There Was No Child Support Drama Just Chill-ni-ey Vibes

  • 6 There Were Some Really Good Times
    Getty Images

  • 7 And Harder Times
    Getty Images
    This photo was taken when Scrappy had to turn himself in back in Season 2.

  • 8 But Have No Fear, Their Relationship Lives On…
    On Instagram at least.

  • 9 You’ll Have to Give Your Scroll Wheel a Good Workout But The Proof is There

  • 10 They Were So Cute

  • 11 And Stylish

  • 12 But at the End of the Day They Brought a Beautiful Daughter Into the World
    Getty Images
    And that’s the most important thing.

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