The Frost Family: Rasheeda, Kirk, and Their Adorable Kids

They've endured a lot, but are still cuter than ever.

Rasheeda and Kirk, despite going through hell and high water together, remain one of the strongest and most resilient couples on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. That’s why it’s about time we round up their adorable and ever-growing family. Check out these pictures of The Boss Chick, Mr. D-Lo himself, and the many children (and grandchildren) between them.

  • 1 They Are Mostly #FamilyGoals

  • 2 Here is Rasheeda, Ky, Karter, and Kirk

  • 3 Kirk Shared This Photo of His Kids Putting in Work for Rasheeda’s New Store
    All in all, Kirk has six kids (two with Rasheeda) and four grandkids.

  • 4 The Frosts…They’re Just Like Us

  • 5 Here’s an Adorable Throwback of Some Stroller Action with Both of Them

  • 6 Kirk and Ky, Basically Father-Son Goals

  • 7 But Ky’s Also a Great Big Brother
    And uncle!

  • 8 The Real Star of the Show is Usually Karter

  • 9 Which Means We Love This No Makeup Selfie of Rasheeda and Karter
    Still flawless.

  • 10 Kirk Also Takes Some Quality Photos with His Youngest

  • 11 And Shared This Adorable #Twinning Moment of Rasheeda and Karter

  • 12 So Despite Their Struggles, The Frost Family Stands Strong
    And they basically have a village of children supporting them.

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