We Will Never Forget These R&B Heartthrobs From The ’90s

They don't make 'em like this anymore.

As an R&B fan, it’s safe to say that the genre reached a major peak in the ’90s. Not only were artists churning out tons of hits, but they were looking damn good while doing it. Remember that steamy D’Angelo video where he basically just stood there naked? Yeah, you do. But what about the other fantasy boy-toys?

Fan-girling aside, there were some very hot R&B singers who do not get enough credit for bringing us allll the sex appeal back in the day. So let’s take a moment to pay to homage to those heartthrobs.

  • 1 Tyrese Gibson
    J Records
    Tyrese may dabble in acting, but it was his sultry voice and allergies to shirts in the ’90s that really made us fans.

  • 2 Ginuwine
    550 Music
    There is nothing scarier or sexier than Ginuwine letting you know that his “saddle is waiting” in the “Pony” music video.

  • 3 D’Angelo
    Virgin Records
    D’Angelo wasis an R&B icon. He came on the scene with an amazing voice, but (almost) more importantly, he graced us with a glorious half-naked video. You had to ask yourself: Is this a porn or just the “(Untitled) How Does It Feel” video?

  • 4 Usher
    Usher was cute when he first broke onto the scene. That cute baby face turned to sultry sex appeal as he started flexing his smoking bod.

  • 5 ’Q. Parker’ from 112
    This proves once and for all that Q was clearly the hottest 112 member.

  • 6 ’RL’ from Next
    Speaking of R&B groups, who could forget RL from Next? Raise your hand if you wanted to be his “Wifey.”

  • 7 Joe
    Red Distribution
    Joe makes the list because, well, he’s Joe. His music had a sneaky way of making you feel special. How could any lady resist him when he sang about wanting to understand and take away all your problems? That’s right, you couldn’t.

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