Can You Identify the Celebrity by Their Tattoo?

If you can't you're clearly not gawking hard enough.

There are three types of people who have tattoos. The first are people who get one very symbolic and specific sentence, name, or image. Then there are the people who are super into body art, so they have a full sleeve of tats running down their arm, or a full mural inked on their back. The last bunch are the good-girls who wants to feel badass, so they have a tiny music note, or maybe a star, tucked behind their ear, on their wrist or on their ankle. (Mine is on my wrist, I’ll admit it.)

Celebs fall into all three categories, and because we spend so much time gawking at them we should be familiar with their ink, no matter how big or small it is. Test your sight memory by taking our quiz and seeing if you can identify the celebrity from their tattoo. Are you up for the challenge?

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