15 Actors Who Have Strange Talents

From eating fire to delivering babies, these celebs are more than meets the eye.

The world is full of weird people who do weird things. Personally, I can screech like a velociraptor and recite the movie Mean Girls verbatim from start to finish. Some people can bend their thumbs all the way back. Others can, I don’t know, yodel. Really f—ked up shizz.

And celebrities are no different. Whether it’s knitting, delivering babies (casual), or EATING DAMN FIRE, these 15 stars can do some pretty bizarre things. (We haven’t even mentioned the dude who can tame lions. Yup, like actual lions.)

Brave through this gallery at your own risk. Fair warning: résumé-building FOMO ahead.

  • 1 Colin Farrell line dances.
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    In fact, he used to teach country line dancing before hitting the big screen.

  • 2 Leslie Mann rides unicycles like a boss.
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    Les received the one-wheeled bike for Christmas when she was 10 and taught herself how to ride it.

  • 3 Bruce Willis plays the harmonica.
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    Before acting, Bruce played harmonica in the R&B band Loose Goose. When he’s not dying hard—eh?!—Big B sometimes tours with another group called The Accelerators.

  • 4 David Arquette can knit.
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    His grandmother showed him the ropes. In fact, David stans for making sweaters so much that he appeared on the cover of Celebrity Scarves 2: Hollywood Knits for Breast Cancer Research.

  • 5 Susan Sarandon is an avid ping ponger.
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    This queen actually co-owns the New York City-based pong club SpiN. *En route to crush your ping pong faves.*

  • 6 Jennifer Garner jams out on the saxophone.
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    And there’s photographic evidence to prove it.

  • 7 Christopher Walken can tame lions.
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    Chris joined a traveling circus at 15 and had an ongoing schtick with some big cat named Sheba. WHAT THE ACTUAL F—K!?

  • 8 Steve Martin plays the banjo.
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    Don’t mess with a comedy legend and his banjo. Steve loves this instrument so much that he set up the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass to award lesser-known people slaying the country game.

  • 9 Geena Davis is A+ at archery.
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    Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the only A-lister who can mess with a bow and arrow. Believe it or not, Geena was a U.S. Olympic Archery team semi-finalist in 1999. Definition of a BAMF.

  • 10 Matthew Morrison has delivered babies.
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    If Hollywood is currently in the market for an OBGYN, then Mr. Schuester is the guy. In high school, Matthew’s midwife father successfully coached him through two baby deliveries. Apparently, it was Take Your Child to Work Day.

  • 11 Eva Longoria plays the clarinet.
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    The Desperate Housewife showed off her impressive #skillz on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2011. Every band geek in the world is sexually stimulated rn.

  • 12 Mila Kunis is skilled at World of Warcraft.
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    And now the nerdy gamers are kvelling. Mila should add “kick-ass” (as she puts it) WoW player on her acting résumé. Her explaining “guilds,” “raids,” and other Warcraft speak to Jimmy Kimmel is the weirdest, sexiest exchange on Earth.

  • 13 Kristen Stewart juggles.
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    And with three balls. None of that two-ball shenanigans. (George Lopez is here for it.)

  • 14 Cara Delevingne beatboxes.
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    Is there anything this slay queen can’t do? We don’t like to throw around the word “cool,” but if anyone is cool, it’s effing Cara.

  • 15 Pierce Brosnan eats fire.
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    Such a James Bond move. Watch him oddly show The Muppets, of all creatures, his hidden talent.