Can You Guess the Bulging Celebrity Bicep?

A highly underrated body part, IMO.

Alright, you thirst kings and queens, we’re putting your sexy celeb knowledge to the test. Sure, bulge and abs seem like all the rage, but why are you overlooking another vital body part? The beautiful bicep. Click to see how well you really know your baes’ bodies and expand your thirst knowledge.

  • 1 This bountiful bicep has sex moves to match.

  • 2 It obviously belongs to stripper god Channing Tatum.

  • 3 Whose bicep is a cinematic treasure?
    20th Century Fox
    One that will stand the test of time.

  • 4 Brad Pitt’s in Fight Club.
    20th Century Fox
    Tyler Durden, you crazy, beautiful SOB.

  • 5 This baecep can’t even stay in its shirt.

  • 6 It’s your British lover Idris Elba’s.

  • 7 This bicep was ahead of its time.

  • 8 It’s a Calvin Klein-wearing Marky Mark’s.

  • 9 How about this one, that could practically make love to you on its own?
    Warner Bros.

  • 10 It’s Michael B. Jordan, getting us fired up for Creed.
    Warner Bros.

  • 11 Whose bicep is about to take over the world, all posted up on a car like that?

  • 12 Dig Dick Richie, A.K.A. Joe Manganiello.
    Splash News

  • 13 This bicep is all wet and ready for you. Whose is it?

  • 14 Matt Damon’s in Behind the Candelabra.

  • 15 Whose bicep is singing sexual thoughts into your ear rn?

  • 16 Luke Bryan’s.

  • 17 And whose just impregnated your soul?

  • 18 Ursher, baby.

Bye, now.


See you later.

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