The Best Pets from Reality TV Shows

So cute it hurts.

There’s a small massive (tbh) fragment of the population that didn’t watch Fox’s The Simple Life for either Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton. Instead, they tuned in for an even bigger star, whose glam personality and biting sass far outweighed both P and N. Obviously, we’re talking about the late, great Tinkerbell Hilton, Paris’ Chihuahua, who unfortunately passed away this past April.

She was a helluva pooch, and her legacy of utter fabulousness will live on for dog years to come. But she wasn’t the only pet who graced the reality TV screen with cuteness that couldn’t be leashed. From The Real Housewives women to the Kardashians, a reality kween/king isn’t complete without one—or 17—pets. Here are the 10 most influential of the bunch.

  • 1 Tinkerbell, The Simple Life
    Getty Images
    Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua Tinkerbell was essentially the third star of The Simple Life, and her stardom grew in tandem with mama Paris’. T appeared alongside Paris in a Guess campaign and was even the subject of a bestselling book, Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton. She passed away in April due to old age—98 dog years. A true legend.

  • 2 Ginger, The Real Housewives of New York City
    Getty Images
    With her loud-ass bark, Jill Zarin’s Chihuahua invaded The Real Housewives of New York City for its first four seasons on air. But as soon as Jill got the boot, so did this adorable pooch.

  • 3 Glitzy, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
    This pig is opulent. (A sentence we didn’t know could exist.) Honey Boo Boo (A.K.A. Alana Thompson) received this little dude after losing a “natural”—cringe—beauty pageant. The crazy part? The family just ~decided~ Glitzy was gay. Unfortunately, he had a short shelf life; Mama June sent Glitzy back to his breeder because he was a handful.

  • 4 Mousey, Million Dollar Listing New York
    Real estate star Fredrik Eklund’s pooch was a fan favorite. He passed away this past May, causing a series of v. emotional Instagram posts from Fredrik. “Anyone who’s ever known me knows how much I loved her,” he said. “She was the kindest little dog, she never hurt anyone, never did anything wrong.” 🙁

  • 5 Mercy, Keeping Up with the Kardashians
    This teacup Persian kitten was Kim Kardashian’s sassiest—and, ergo, best—pet, hands-down. Mercy’s boss attitude spawned several Instagram accounts that chronicled her every move. Unfortunately, little M passed away from a cancer-like virus in December 2012.

  • 6 Giggy, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
    Real talk: Lisa Vanderpump’s Pomeranian is famous AF. Not only did he appear on Dancing with the Stars a few years back, he’s also signed to Creative Artists Agency—the same joint that represents Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. (Like, actually.) We’d trade places with him any day.

  • 7 Chanel, Don’t Be Tardy
    Queen Kim Zolciak has welcomed a new brood of pups, but we must pay tribute to the original BAMF: Chanel. (Full name: Chanela Bella, because #fancy.) The family dubbed her a “little furball,” and that’s an accurate statement! Just look at her. Kim and the gang had to put Chanel down in October 2014, but her contribution to reality petdom will never die.

  • 8 Bernard Hopkins, Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    Khloe Kardashian first got this delightful boxer with then-husband Lamar Odom. Unfortunately, Bernard has been M.I.A. since the couple announced their split, but we didn’t forget about him!

  • 9 Baby, Geordie Shore
    Charlotte Crosby’s fluffy pup caused drama on Geordie Shore, the British Jersey Shore spinoff, but Baby could easily bring about world peace. That adorable face! We actually can’t.

  • 10 Oscar, The Only Way Is Essex
    Macho hunk Mario Falcone does have one sweet spot: his little dog, Oscar, whom he adopted with girlfriend Emma McVey. Nothing sexier than a tatted bro with with a canine, am I right? Husband material.