The #LHHATL 416 Memes Threw Some Killer Shade at Karlie and Dime

Karlie tried to "stay out of the drama" this episode, but y'all won't even let her.

This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was filled with surprises. Kirk finally did the right thing by giving Rasheeda a store, Margeaux and Jessica Dime tried to pull one over on Mimi, and Karlie said she’s trying to not be messy. Seeing is believing, but after seeing the best memes from this week we’re pretty much done.

  • 1 Kirk Won Over a Few Fans This week

  • 2 And Momma Dee Confused a Few By Not Telling Scrappy About Her Wedding
    Small detail ma…

  • 3 Which Scrappy Channeled Into a Little More Hate for Erica

  • 4 He Ended Up Blowing Off Steam with a Fishing Trip

  • 5 But Why Can’t Any of The Love & Hip Hop Ladies Be Left Alone About Their Ages?
    They look fierce as hell either way.

  • 6 Speaking of Age…

  • 7 Some Questioned Jessica Dime’s Performance Ensemble

  • 8 While Others Were Busy Hating on Her Raps

  • 9 You Guys Are So Shady Sometimes

  • 10 But All This Won’t Matter Because Ish Gets So Real Next Week

  • 11 Stay Tuned!

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