In Case You Forgot: Shay and Momma Dee are Still BFFs

And Scrappy can't do nothing about it.

Even though the cameras didn’t catch Shay Johnson at Momma Dee’s wedding, trust and believe that these two are still extremely close. It seems that Momma Dee has a sadistic trait of befriending Scrappy’s exes (a la inviting Erica Dixon into her bridal party), but hey, at least they make one hell of a dynamic duo.

  • 1 Back in Season Two of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Momma Dee Enlisted Shay Johnson to Lure Scrappy Away from Erica
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  • 2 It Was No Surprise That She Clearly Liked Shay More than Erica, But Did You Know That They’re Still Tight?
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    Hey, shoutout Che Mack!

  • 3 To Everyone Who Thought Their Friendship Was Scripted…You Haven’t Been on Insta, Boo-Boo

  • 4 They’re Nothing But Cute Friends

  • 5 Who Travel Across the Country Together

  • 6 Even if it Makes Scrappy See Red

  • 7 They’re Happy and That’s All That Matters

  • 8 They’re Even Charitable Together!

  • 9 And Turn Up Together

  • 10 Here’s a Shot of Them Celebrating Jasmine’s Birthday

  • 11 And Hanging Out with Ray J

  • 12 Here are the Besties at a Fourth of July Party!

  • 13 Friends that do Instagram Endorsements Together…Stay Together

  • 14 Basically They are #FriendshipGoals

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