Azealia Banks Picks A Fight With Rita Ora On Twitter

–by Meghan O’Keefe (@megsokay)

Azealia Banks just had an exciting weekend in Australia. She almost got into a fist fight with The Stone Roses, and then promptly joined Prodigy on stage for a live performance of “Firestarter”, and if that wasn’t enough, she took to twitter to call Rita Ora out for being a mean girl–a charge Ora promptly denied via text…that Banks then shared with the world.

If you check out Azealia Banks’s twitter right now its filled with retweeted compliments from fans about her new single, “Yung Rapunxel”, which we will also go ahead and say is pretty great. But, just last night she was calling tour mate Rita Ora out for trying to sabotage her behind the scenes:

The thing about twitter is that twitter is public, so naturally, Rita saw this bit of smack talking from Azealia and responded to her via private text….which Azealia posted on Instagram:

After telling “Rita Oral” to “shut up”, Banks then added this on her twitter:

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Has Rita been snapping candid photos of Azealia and her dancers without her permission? Has Rita been going out of her way to intimidate Azealia? Or has Rita done “nothin but try b nice” to Azealia on the tour? It’s hard to say since we really only have Azealia’s twitter’s side of the story, but it sounds like this is quite the entertaining tour–not just because of the drama behind the scenes, but also because of the music being performed on stage.

[Photo credits: Getty Images, Azealia Banks’s twitter & Instagram]