First Dibs: Did My Chemical Romance Call It Quits Online?

What beautiful music are Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett planning on making together? What does Jerry Seinfeld think about the work of his fan, Wale? This and more in First Dibs.

  • My Chemical Romance has just announced that they are through. The band took to their official site to say goodbye and tan their fans for “all [their] support, and for being part of the adventure.” [My Chemical Romance’s Official Site.]
  • Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are going to be scatting in sweet harmony together! Bennett just confirmed that the duo will be recording a jazz album together in June. [Rolling Stone]
  • D.C. Rapper Wale has always been out and loud about his love of Seinfeld, but what does Jerry Seinfeld think of Wale? Well, the comedian’s wife is apparently a fan of the rapper’s music and she’s helped arranged a possible collaboration.  [MTV News]
  • It’s just been announced that singer Ke$ha will be hitting the road soon with Pit Bull. The store will start May 23 in Boston, wind around the US and Canada, and end June 28 in Tampa. [Idolator]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]