POLL: Which Beyonce Is The Best Beyonce In Her New Pepsi Ad?

It’s a big day for Beyonce fans. A new trailer for The Great Gatsby has a sneak peak at her version of “Back To Black” with Andre 3000. And, more importantly, King Bey dropped a brand new Pepsi ad that honors her past (and looks forward with her new single, “Grown Woman”).

The new ad starts with Beyonce working out some new dance moves and quenching her thirst with a can of Pepsi. As soon as she’s swilled the soda, something in the mirror catches her eye and she soon finds herself face-to-face with her past. Specifically, her past as a member of Destiny’s Child, breaking out as a solo artist with “Crazy in Love” and then solidifying her legend status as “Sasha Fierce”.

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