5 Fine Wines That Remind Us Of Nicki Minaj, Adele, Beyonce, NKOTB And Kelly Rowland

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend at the Napa Valley, CA festival Live In The Vineyard. Of course it wouldn’t be a festival, or Napa, if we didn’t try a little wine while rocking out to acts like Goo Goo Dolls, Tegan and Sara and New Kids On The Block. We didn’t bring back any to share with everyone, but here are five fine wines we tasted that reminded us of artists who also regularly intoxicate us. Vote for which pairing you like best.

Nicki Minaj + Pink Moscato Bubbly

If we want to mix it up for a good night out, we often reach for bubbles, ’natch. It makes us feel classy. But mix fizzy wine goodness with some pink moscato and you’ve got a frisky flavor that takes things up a notch on the ratchet and loving life scale. Of course, we immediately thought of Miss Pink Friday herself Nicki Minaj as the perfect embodiment of sweet, flirty, bright and energetic with all of her schizophrenic rap personas.

Adele + Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is one of the more versatile wines you can drink. Pair it with anything from Italian seafood, to spicy Latin, to zesty Asian cuisine and you’ve got a hit. And there are very few hit singers as versatile as Adele. Whether she’s doing big production woman scorned anthems, making you cry with a piano-laced ballad or penning the Oscar-winning theme for a blockbuster hit, Adele’s sound seems to be agreeable to even the pickiest music-lover’s taste. Cheers!

Beyoncé + Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc elicits strong emotions from those who taste it. Those who love the grape’s rich, aggressive citrus flavors and slightly herbal aftertaste REALLY love it. And those who don’t are shy about their disdain. Mrs. Carter is no stranger to equal amounts of praise or shade either. Sure King Bey’s got a big and bold personality that has made her a megastar beloved all over the world, but she also gets equally strong negative reactions for every move she makes. It’s not easy being popular.

New Kids On The Block + Merlot

From the looks of what NKOTB were sipping on throughout their set at LITV – looking at you, Donnie Wahlberg – I’d say it’s safe declare these guys fit for a sexy, deep red wine like Merlot. Just like their alcohol counterpart, New Kids is full of flavor and can be a bit overwhelming to experience. Be careful, though, both can get you a little warm under the collar, so consume both in moderation.

Kelly Rowland + Pink Moscato

Fun and flirtatious is what Pink Moscato is all about, but it’s calmer than its bubbly counterpart, which suits Kelly Rowland just fine with her peaches and caramel personality that teases sexy with every note on singles like “Kisses Down Low.” This kind of wine is all about the romance and K-Row takes us there. It’s enough to motivate us to reel in a special someone just to have a reason to crack open a bottle…or maybe we’ll just treat ourselves so we don’t have to share.