Hanson, Jonas Brothers + Serena Ryder Share Most Embarrassing Amusement Park Moments

What do Emblem3, Hanson, the Jonas Brothers, MKTO and Serena Ryder all have in common? (Other than all performing at Mixtape Festival this summer on July 26 and 27.) They’ve all suffered horrifyingly embarassing experiences at America’s favorite summer hang out, amusement parks.

We’ve ranked the experiences from least embarrassing to most embarrassing, but let’s face it they’re all pretty awful.

5. Emblem3: Being too scared to go on one of the rides at our hometown carnival.

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4. Jonas Brothers (Joe): I remember trying to impress a girl when I was younger getting on a roller coaster and screaming like a little girl the whole time.

3. MKTO: One of us MIGHT have lost our trunks for a minute on an intense water ride.

2. Hanson: Zac has a history of motion sickness, and once while on a pirate ship ride he projectile vomited and hit another passenger.

1. Serena Ryder: The most embarrassing thing that happened to me was last month when I went to an indoor water park with my BF and went down a slide. At the bottom my boob popped out of my bathing suit…yep…and some dude is paid to stay at the bottom to make sure all is well and safe for the sliders. So yeah, I showed some stranger my boob.

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