A Gin Wigmore Collaboration With Pat Benatar On The Horizon?

Our ongoing You Oughta Know love affair with New Zealand’s bluesy pop star Gin Wigmore is spreading all over the U.S. thanks to her heavy tour schedule this summer. First came Phillip Phillips’ college tour and now the singer-songwriter is gearing up for Van’s Warped in June.

“I feel like a fishy out of water. It’s going to be quite an eye-opening experience,” Gin said of playing for Warped’s historically punk-leaning lineup and crowd. “I hear you need lots of baby wipes, so I’m thinking [being] sanitary might not be priority on this tour.”

Well, while we’re sure Gin enjoyed hyping up co-eds this spring with last year’s American Idol winner and will probably get a kick out of learning 40 different ways to shower-while-not-showering during her summer long Warped experience, we really want to know who the 26-year-old would hit the road with if the roster were her call.

The Kiwi crooner revealed her dream lineup comprises Australian alt-rockers Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, California quintet Queens of the Stoneage and American pop rock icon Pat Benatar. If given the chance, Gin said she would do collaborations too. “I’d sing ’Heartbreaker.’ That would be cool to do with Pat Benetar,” Gin said. So cool it needs to get out of our dreams and onto the stage. Pat, holler at your girl Gin Wigmore!

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