Navel-Gazing: Guess The ’90s Musical Midriff

The ’90s were a time of innovation and change, and a period when no pop star bothered to find a top that could cover his or her entire torso. Belly shirts and bikinis were in, and all of the era’s biggest superstars weren’t shy about showing off their midsections. To prove your knowledge of vintage musical fashions, and tap into the red carpet nostalgia that we know runs deep, see if you can match the midriff below with its respective musical siren.

She may be just a girl, but this rocker knows how to the hang with the dudes and experiment with color.

Answer: Gwen Stefani, whose abs still serve as our motivation to hit the gym.

This petite songbird got her start with Disney, but hit it big by singing about a magic genie that wasn’t Aladdin.

Answer: Christina Aguilera, who proves that even formal wear can accommodate specific trends.

This former leader of a girl group recently made waves with her shocking new ’do.

Answer: BeyoncĂ©, who embraced another late ’90s trend: the belly button ring.

This hip-hop star was as well-known for her naughty rhyming as she was her unpredictable fashion choices.

Answer: Lil Kim, who would also bear her left boob in front of the MTV Video Music Award audience before the decade was done.

This singer has long been waiting for a certain superstar to run away with her.

Answer: Mya, whose modest midriff reveal is tasteful yet on trend.

This singer’s flair for the dramatic would rare its ugly head a few years down the road (with a very memorable umbrella).

Answer: Britney Spears, whose daily crunch count became a topic of national conversation in the late ’90s/early ’00s.

This singer enjoys rainbows and butterflies, and is rumored to taste like honey.

Answer: Mariah Carey, who quickly moved away from big hair and black dresses in exchange for something that shows a little more skin.

Always ahead of the fashion curve, this girl group member was partial to futuristic styles.

Answer: T-Boz of TLC, who are the subjects of VH1’s upcoming biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

This R&B singer spent part of the decade fighting over a boy through song.

Answer: Monica, whose subtle headwear suggests she believes she’s the queen of this particular style.

This singer hit it big with her stance on girl power, but was never able to replicate the same success as a solo artist.

Answer: Geri Halliwell of The Spice Girls, whose love for the United Kingdom is deeper than we could ever imagine.

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]