First Dibs: Does Mariah Carey Think Nicki Minaj Is The Devil?

Kanye West heads back to college, Joan Jett unwittingly causes controversy, and Miley Cyrus takes time to rest her vocals.

  • When Mariah Carey lightheartedly described her time at American Idol as “hell,” many wondered if Nicki Minaj was the “Satan” referred to in the comment. Carey’s hubby, Nick Cannon, says his wifey wasn’t calling out anyone in particular — she just found the whole experience frustrating. Hmmm… [AllHipHop]
  • Kanye West managed to fit in a lecture at Harvard as he resumed his Yeezus tour. The rapper, one of the world’s most famous college dropouts, spoke at the esteemed university’s Graduate School Of Design. Yet another reason to love Yeezy. [Us Magazine]
  • Rock pioneer Joan Jett caused a stir after placement on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’s South Dakota float. Since Jett is a vegetarian, the state’s ranchers weren’t keen on having her represent for them. Geez. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • We know that Miley Cyrus can’t stop, but it seems like she’ll at least have to take a quick break. She’s been ordered by doctors to rest her voice. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]