VIDEO PREMIERE: LeAnn Rimes And Rob Thomas Have Combustible Chemistry In “Gasoline And Matches”

LeAnn Rimes is one of the best-selling artists in the history of country music, as well as the star of VH1’s upcoming reality show, LeAnn & Eddie (coming in 2014). Her latest album, Spitfire, dropped this summer and contains a mix of originals and covers. Her latest single, “Gasoline And Matches,” is from the latter category—it first appeared on Buddy & Julie Miller’s award-winning 2009 album, Written In Chalk.

For her version of this sizzling duet, LeAnn recruited Matchbox 20 lead singer Rob Thomas to sing alongside her, as well guitar hero Jeff Beck, who lays down exactly the kind of ferocious solo that he’s come to be known for during his 40+ years in the industry. Rimes and Thomas exhibit some playful chemistry as they trade verses, and the music video for the song does a good job of bringing this particular quality to life. Here, a stop-motion box of matches (Myrtle Matches) and a gasoline pump (Gus Gasoline) represent Rimes and Thomas, respectively. They’re clearly a pair that clearly aren’t meant to be together, but as you might expect, they ultimately discover that they are able to produce some serious romantic combustion when they finally hook up.