The Mane Attraction: The Best (And Worst!) Pop Star Hair Of 2013

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Our favorite pop stars are one part singer, one part dancer, and one part style chameleon! The best in the biz are never afraid to mix it up a little bit and change their look in exciting new ways. Sometimes these changes pay of huge, leading to massive image improvements. And other times…well, the word “mistake” comes to mind.

This has been a big year for daring hair and dramatic makeovers (or make-unders, as the case may be). Jennifer Hudson recently went pixie on us, chopping off her trademark tresses for a super short ’do. We think it looks AWESOME, but sadly we couldn’t say the same for Beyonce exploration of the short side. We guess she agreed, because after that selfie, she and the crop parted ways. Miley Cyrus accentuated her provocative nature with little ’hair nubs’ that looked to us like Devil horns. And of course we can’t forget Lorde, who boasts some of the most impressive tresses in the entertainment world today! Head up to the gallery above to take a look back at some of the very best (and very worst) hair in music. Enjoy!

[Photos: Getty Images/Splash News]

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