Last Lap: Have Beyonce And Kelly Rowland Found A New Way To Surprise Their Fans?

Chris Brown makes a shocking move in an assault case, Insane Clown Posse sues the feds, and experts discuss Ke$sha’s decision to enter rehab for an eating disorder.

  • Imagine chilling at a karaoke bar and then happily getting ambushed by two of music’s biggest stars. That happened to a group of friends while they sang in a private room at a karaoke bar in Miami, with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland randomly introducing themselves to the girls mid-song! Hmm, maybe they should just start dropping in on karaoke nights across the country! [Just Jared]
  • Chris Brown has decided not to accept a plea deal in a case stemming from an alleged assault in Washington, D.C. It appears that surveillance video from the incident has surfaced, and Breezy’s lawyer wants a chance to view the footage. Is there a larger strategy at hand? [TMZ]
  • Insane Clown Posse is taking shots at the federal government. The band’s most devoted fans, known as Juggalos, were deemed gang members by the Justice Department and the FBI, presumably without substantial evidence. The band filed a lawsuit and reached out to the Michigan branch of the ACLU. [Vibe]
  • Experts agree that Ke$sha took a brave “first step” when seeking help for an eating disorder, but they also shed light on the potential battles ahead for the singer. [MTV News]