Last Lap: What’s Justin Bieber’s Latest Brush With The Law?

Which R&B songstress is preggers? Willow Smith releases a very mature single, and Ashlee Simpson is officially off the market.

  • Authorities from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department raided Justin Bieber’s home, following an recent egg attack on a home in his neighborhood. Lil Za, one of the Biebs’ buddies and an aspiring rapper, was arrested in the raid after cocaine was found in the home. [TMZ]
  • After weeks of speculation, Ciara confirmed that she’s pregnant! She and fiance Future definitely have a great year ahead! [Los Angeles Times]
  • The Smith kids are at it again, with Willow Smith dropping a new track featuring big brother, Jaden. The beat isn’t bad, but it’s weird listening to a 13-year-old sing about deep, soulful intimacy. [Global Grind]
  • Ashlee Simpson is engaged to Evan Ross, son of the inimitable Diana Ross. We’re happy for the couple, but we’re also holding out for Ashlee to grab her future mom-in-law for a duet. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]