“Love Me Again” Surprise Ending: John Newman Reveals The Video’s Inspiration

British singer John Newman is the latest import to make his way Stateside to see if he’ll strike gold like those who came before him. He’s not taking the challenge lightly. His first single, “Love Me Again,” a smash in the UK is a bombastic tune about love loss and (hopefully) found again. The EDM/soul track is paired with an equally energetic video, featuring two lovers who appear to be from opposite ends of town. Newman tells VH1 that the video is inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s┬áversion of Romeo & Juliet.

“You can relate to that,” Newman explains. “In the north of England you have families that are like that. That are kind of rivals against each other.”

Unlike Luhrmann, the singer only had three minutes to tell the story. So he had to find a quicker ending.

(If you haven’t watched the video, check it out now.)

After uniting, the couple happily runs down the street hand-in-hand only to be struck by a bus. The ending is abrupt and pretty shocking for a music video.

“I wanted a bit of a shocker,” Newman says. “It’s a weird one. How do we end that story?”

Because he thought the story goes “on and on and on,” the singer thought it was best just to find a quick ending: “Boom, just get rid of them!”

The singer’s U.S. debut, Tribute, is out now. Check out a sampler below:

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