Gavin DeGraw Is On The Run From The Police In His New “Make A Move” Video

Gavin DeGraw is one of the featured artists performing during VH1’s Super Bowl Blitz next week. Gavin’s concert from New Jersey’s Wellmont Theater on Saturday, February 1 will be broadcast live on VH1, where he’ll be performing songs from his brand new album, Make A Move. Speaking of which, we’re excited to premiere the brand new video for the album’s title track for you right now!

“Make A Move” is the second single off DeGraw’s latest LP, and the Ryan Pallotta-directed video sees Gavin in a law-breaking kind of mood. The video opens with Gavin pulling up to a roadside diner in the desert, where he immediately strikes up a conversation with a waitress who looks like she just walked off a Victoria’s Secret runway. Their blossoming romance is only briefly interrupted when a couple of 5-0s roll up to the diner and notice that Outlaw Gavin is in the house, prompting the briefest of car chases (we can only assume that Gavin’s crime was something innocuous, like failing to pay parking tickets). Gavin and his kidnapping victim/love interest then make their way to a motel, where they settle in for an evening of Jäger shots, sexy guitar strumming, multiple wardrobe changes and (presumably) some love making. Will his Diner Dame get to see Gavin with his hat off? That’s for them to know and you to find out!

Be sure to tune-in to the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown this weekend to watch the television premiere of this video.