Is Justin Bieber “Detrimental” To His Own Career? He Seems To Think So

Before he surprised the music, tech and taco crowds with a surprise show at South By Southwest, Justin Bieber gave a deposition in Miami on Thursday. No, not for those DUI and drag racing charges stemming from a wild night with Chantel Jeffries back in January. Bieber was summoned to speak on charges that his bodyguard allegedly beat up photographer Jeffrey Binion last summer. He was subsequently questioned by Binion’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden, in what amounted to nearly five hours of eye rolls, scowls, finger-wagging, winks and general confusion over the English language.

Video was just released and the highlights are too good to ignore. You may think you know everything about the Canadian-teen-turned-international-pop-star or everything you’d ever want to know about a teenage punk who eggs his neighbor’s house. While Bieber has a lengthy list of WTF behavior, hearing his thoughts on Katie CouricĀ and watching his smug reactions to what he believes to be his own hilarious jokes just reiterates how criminally unaware he’s become of his own image.

Bieber interviews have been scant of late, so consider this deposition (not an “interview,” friends) a gift from the gods. It might make you change your mind about the legal system or Bieber in general, or it might give you a well-deserved laugh. Either way, there are too many Justin Bieber personalities to keep track of, so allow us to do the hard work. Check out our rundown of the six most puzzling in the gallery above.

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