Life After Death: 7 Dead Music Legends Who Might Not Actually Be Dead

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Rock and roll is built on tall tales of larger than life figure who do it ALL! They play louder, party harder, live faster, and cram more into their years than we can hope to in even a dozen lifetimes. When these legends die, they live on through their famous escapades and most importantly through their music. But what if they live on for a totally different reason: they’re not actually dead in the first place?

Many fans find it hard to accept that their heroes are mere mortals who have succumbed to the notoriously dangerous music biz lifestyle. So they cling to any hope that these celebrities have the last laugh, triumphing over the odds and anyone who dare thinks they could do something so un-cool as dying. Some of the complex conspiracy theories are pretty far fetched, but usually pretty interesting! From classics like Elvis Presley, and through to more recent greats like Tupac and Kurt Cobain, read on for seven puzzling cases of (alleged) life after death!

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